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GPS tracking for secure life and effective business

Smart and simple – this is what users say about iTAGu. Intuitive Web-interface and Mobile Apps connect assets, maps, data, and people in real-time. And they meet the whole range of applications – from pet tracking to sophisticated enterprise solutions.

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iTAGu provides amazing live tracking experience. You can access all the relevant information online via intuitive Web-interface or by using mobile apps. Blending together GPS and LBS always gives you accurate and reliable geolocation. Enjoy a set of detailed maps and related tools including address search, directions, traffic and many more.


Trips History

Get all your tracking information in details. Loccate maintains a history of every trip up to 18 months: where and how the assets moved. You may view the information in multiple ways. All your trips are divided into segments where you can see the speed, time and mileage of your assets.


Stay aware: notifications

Left & Right Variations Included

When an important event occurs, who wants to miss it? Nobody. Get instant alerts on your desktop and mobile devices as you set by the rules. There are dozens of trigger options available with geofence and time limitations. Choose to receive alerts via SMS, Email, push notification or automatic phone call.

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Fleet management

Take your large fleet under total control. Supervise the fuel consumption and manage your technical maintenance scheduling. Always be aware of the drivers behavior (speeding, harsh braking etc.). Get the detailed reports with a great amount of valuable data. Sophisticated business tools let you improve productivity and reduce costs through better control and performance measuring.


Mobile Workforce

Manage your mobile workforce and control the tasks in the most efficient way. Create tasks for one person or a number of teams. Get information online about the true working time, task progression, and assignment of new projects. Use “Status” to be sure that your tasks are performed correctly and will be accomplished in time. Want to contact your employee directly? Check out our “Chat” and make it simple to stay in touch with the staff via your iPhone or iPad.

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iTAGu offers easy-to-embed Web plugins and powerful API for developers. If you just want to display your tracking activity on the website, social page or software application, just embed a short customizable HTML-code. For the advanced integrations with business apps there is a wide suite of API methods allowing developers to exchange raw or processed data between applications.


Remote Device Management

You’ll be surprised how easily your GPS tracker can be added to your account. You don’t need to configure the device manually: Loccate makes it 100% automatically. Moreover, you’ll be able to control your device remotely by changing its settings in Web-interface.